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occupational rehabilitation

Occupational Rehabilitation is the practice of returning an injured worker to a level of work and or activity that is appropriate to their functional capacity

Complete health physio occupational rehabilitation

Work Conditioning


The Work Conditioning Program is intended to provide a smooth progressive return to work. The program is client specific, based upon health, strength, endurance, flexibility and physical job demands.

Functional Capacity Assessments:


An individual's assessment of functional abilities will be relevant to the workers injury and specific to the physical demands of the duties required. Some of these components may be part of the assessment:

• pushing/pulling tasks

• balance

• lifting/carrying tasks

• strength tasks

• crouching/ kneeling/ bending tasks

• standing/ sitting tasks

• walking, climbing, crawling

• reaching/ handling tasks

• gripping tasks

The work conditioning program includes any of all of the following components:

• Pre-exercise screening and Initial assessment

• Program Development

• Program reviews and upgrading

• Final Assessment

Complete health physio occupational rehabilitation
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Ph: (07) 5528 3806


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